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Evolution Therapy

ELI Aromatics

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A​bo​ut Heather & Priscilla​​

Heather and Priscilla have been drawn to energy work and alternative medicines their entire

lives. They combine their talents to provide a truly unique intuitive energetic healing

experience. Priscilla and Heather met in 2010, when Heather visited a wellness fair at the

Energy, Light and Information Wellness Center that Priscilla and her husband David owned and

operated in Reno, Texas.

Heather had been doing intuitive energy work from a young age. She has always been known

for having healing hands at work and at home. She began sharing her gift at local wellness fairs

after years of working on those around her.

Priscilla is an avid student of alternative medicine. Most of her working life was spent in

traditional Western medicine areas, before she became an energetic healer. She trained in ReConnective

Healing, and her path as an alternative healer began. She studied Mayan

shamanism, completed the Munay-Ki rites then began studying aromatherapy. She fell in love

with aromatherapy and now makes her own line of healthy, natural, aromatherapy products

called E.L.I. Aromatics. Her body butters, creams, scrubs, deodorants, hair styling wax and

beard oils are infused with Young Living Essential Oils and her healing energies.

Like Heather, Priscilla worked on those around her. Her Gypsy Cob horses on the farm received

most of the initial energy work, but as the power of the energy work became apparent, Priscilla

and David realized they needed to share her talents with the locals.

Priscilla and her husband were moved to open the center in the wilds of the West Texas

grasslands after they sensed the need in the community for a place of healing and the

expansive peaceful energies of the universe. They envisioned, created, and built the Energy,

Light and Information (E.L.I.) Wellness Center just off the road that ran in front of their

sprawling horse farm in Reno, Texas.

It was one of the only successful wellness centers in the area, hosting wellness fairs and

offering many forms of alternative healing modalities such as:

• Acupuncture

• Aromatherapy

• Iridology

• Massage

• Reflexology

• Yoga

• Bellydancing for body acceptance

Priscilla’s husband David, a psychic/medium, was told by his spirit guides that the two

women were meant to work together. Neither had ever worked with someone else, so the idea

took a little adjustment. The result of their initial healing work on the teachers and clients at

the Center was so amazing, they have been working together ever since.

Priscilla and Heather worked their magic together for six years at the wellness center in Reno,

Texas. David, Priscilla and Heather visited Key West multiple times over the years, and the trio

often spoke of moving to the balmy paradise. Sadly, David fell ill and passed away before they

could make the move.

In 2016, Priscilla and Heather moved to Key West like the three of them had originally planned

to do for so long and they brought a wealth of healing skills and energy with them. They have

made many friends in the community and are having wonderful healing experiences, both on

the water and off. You can experience their healing hands and purchase their energetic healing

products at Flow Spa, near the famous Duval Street in Key West.