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Smoke Out the Bad Vibes

Sept 13,2018

Smudging is a Native American smoke ritual that dispels negative energies and purifies the air. Herbs are bundled together to form a stick, tied with string, and dried. It is used to help set intentions and release negative feelings. Smudging is like taking an energetic shower or a deep metaphysical cleaning.

“Smudging clears the build-up of emotional and spiritual negativity. It has been called Nature’s Antidepressant without side effects.”

-Dr. George Hansell

The four most commonly used herbs are called “The Four Manido” or The Spirits of the Four Directions. They are:

Sage - Used for healing and cleansing after conflicts, anger, or illness. California White, Dakotas, and Dakota Sage are the most popular strains used.

Cedar - Used to clean out new places, drive out unwanted spirits and prevent them from coming back. Juniper works too.

Sweetgrass - Works with the Earth and the feminine energies of peace and love. It is also called Seneca grass, Holy grass or Vanilla grass

Tobacco - One of most sacred plants for Native Americans, aids in communication with the spirit and sets intentions when smoking the pipe or smudging.

When lit, the smoke releases negative ions that surround the positive ions and force them to sink out of the air. Negative ions have proven positive effects. (Negative Ions Cause Positive Vibes WebMD) It’s a powerful air antiseptic. 

In a 2006 study about Medicinal Smokes, they found that smudging gets rid of harmful bacteria and helps with pulmonary, neurological, and dermatological issues. It was reported to take up to 94% of harmful bacteria out of the area for up to 24 hours. High concentrations of smudging smoke can clear air of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust, allergens and other airborne particles.

Other reasons to smudge are:

• Gain a sense of well-being or improve mental focus

• After a long sickness or bout with disease

• Clear old energies after moving to a new place.

• After an argument

• After a hectic visit by undesirable visitors

• When there is a build-up of negative energy.

What do you need to smudge?

• Sage or herb stick

• A fireproof surface such as an abalone shell, clay bowl or ash tray

• Fire to light the smudge stick. It will need to be re-lit. We use a common lighter.

• A bird feather, fan, or your hand to spread the smoke.

• Most important: Intention

How to Smudge:

The basic steps are:

• Light your herb bundle and place it in your fireproof bowl.

• Use an oven mitt or washcloth under bowl if needed, so you don’t burn your hand.

• Focus your energy on the smoke. If a flame flares up, shake the stick or blow out the flame.

• Use your hand or a feather to waft the smoke.

• Move up and down (floor to ceiling) to spread the smoke.

• Move around the house in an orderly manner, leaving no area unsmoked. Do all cabinets,

closets, hitting all corners of each room, insides of areas, garages, outside, etc. To be the

most effective, the smoke must cover everything.

• While you are smudging, set your intentions and repeat them so the smoke can infuse your living space with your energy and vision.

There are many ways to smudge. Some say go clockwise, some say counter clockwise, some say it has to be an eagle feather, some say you have to use an abalone shell. There are no rules. Let your spirit guide you. Meditate, chant, sing or whatever you are led to do. It’s your space; make it yours.

If you want to call in the professionals and experience our energies, we offer smudging services for home and business. Contact us for an estimate. 

Key Lime Trio of Body Love

Oct 3, 2018

Nothing packs a citrusy punch like Key Limes. They have a floral undertone to their lime bite that is unmatched by boring every day limes. They are also known as West Indian limes or bartender’s limes. They were brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers and are a beloved fruit of the Conch Republic.

Key lime essential oil has many energizing properties. It is used as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial astringent for toning the skin. It is a mood lifter that reduces stress, anxiety and indecision. It settles the digestion, helps reduce acne, and is an antioxidant. This contributes to its anti-aging properties. It also an anti-inflammatory and it eases joint and muscle pain.

In honor of these mighty little spheres and the coming of the cooler weather, I was inspired to make a zesty trio of luxurious body products. I have created a sugar scrub, body butter, and body spritz. This is the ultimate body treatment for your summer-scorched hide. Time to slough off the summer and greet the fall with silky soft skin.

Let's start with our Key Lime Body Scrub. You know how I love demerara sugar, so of course I used it as a base to this heavily moisturizing body scrub. My oils and butters are organic, so you are using the best of Mother Nature’s loving bounty on your precious parts. It’s best to use this scrub after a nice hot shower or bath to loosen the scales of dead skin then start at your feet and use circular scrubbing motions upward to encourage the blood and lymph flow to reduce puffiness and energize the skin. You can’t scrub daily, or you’d scrub away completely. 

No worries! That is why I made a Key Lime Body Butter. Wonderful for morning or evening. A small two finger amount of this rich hydrating butter is enough to cover all you important bits. Rub it in your palms to emulsify the heavy rich oils then pull it up your arms and legs toward your heart. Remember to stimulate the areas around your armpits and groin to keep your lymph flowing.

If you love my Orange Blossom toner, you are going to adore my Key Lime Body Spritz. It is the perfect cure for when you feel a little stale or dehydrated. A few generous sprays will create a cloud of hydration that you step into and let settle on your skin. It will energize your skin and your aura. Remember, I mix every batch and infuse it with my healing energy. You are literally creating a cloud of energetic love and cloaking yourself in it. The bottle is small enough to carry with you. Consider it your secret shield in a world that tries to invade your sacred space.

This trio will be available at Flow Spa. If you like my products, please share this with your friends and family, so they can reap the benefits too. If you love us, please leave a review on our Google+ page, so others will find us. Don’t forget to book your healing experience with us. Everyone’s spirits are heavily attacked these days by partisan bickering and global warming. Find respite on our table and heal your gentle soul with our loving energy. See you soon!

Marine Safe SunScreen

Oct 3, 2018